Early Baroque


From about 1600, music for a high solo recorder became in demand. ‘Der Fluytenlusthoff’ by Jacob van Eyck is one of the most famous examples. But also the early Italian sonatas by composers like Castello, Cima and Frescobaldi called for the possibility of a soprano recorder. I make an early baroque soprano that is lightly conical. This makes both the speech and the high notes easy, therefore being very suitable for the virtuosic 17th century repertoire.


The early baroque soprano can be made either in one piece or in two pieces. With two pieces there is the possibility of interchangeable bodies in different pitches. Pitches are 415, 440 and 466 Hz.


I also make a sopranino in F in the same style.


Woods suitable for this type of recorder are fruit woods, maple, olive wood and boxwood.




Pictures coming soon!

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