I make Ganassi sopranos and altos after the design of Fred Morgan, with some personal adjustments. There has been much debate about the historical correctness of the Ganassi recorder. Indeed, there has never been a recorder like the modern Ganassi in the 16th century. However, what kind of recorder Sylvestro Ganassi played himself is not known either. I make the Morgan type of Ganassi recorder simply because it is such a tremendous joy to play it and the use is very practical. No copy of a historical renaissance recorder comes close to the sound of the Ganassi for solo repertoire purposes. Consort playing being a completely different matter of course. Besides, the possibility of interchangeable bodies makes it very practical in use. In the hands of a skilled recorder player, it can be used for repertoire from the early 16th to mid 17th century. The large holes of the Ganassi are excellent for shading. So in a practical modern early music environment it does make sense to make and play Ganassi recorders.


I make the soprano in C or D and the alto in G. Pitches are 415, 440 and 465 Hz. All in two parts with a brass ring. It can be made in one piece on request.


Woods that are most suitable for Ganassi recorders are fruit woods (pear, plum and cherry) and maple. Maple being slightly stronger and more pronounced. Other woods can be requested.



Ganassi alto made of cherry.

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