Baroque alto after Bressan

415 or 440 Hz
€1800 incl. VAT

This instrument is based on the two alto recorders by Bressan in the Frans Brüggen collection. I combined the two altos, which vary only slightly from each other. Peter Bressan was an outstanding maker mostly active in London around the first quarter of the 18th century.

My version of the Bressan alto has a full warm sound from the deep low notes to the easy high notes. It gives a lot of space and freedom to the player. A great versatile instrument, usable for all baroque repertoire.

I also make a 440 Hz version of the Bressan alto. Tuning a baroque alto up even half a tone changes the sound quite a bit. My intention is to give this high alto the full rich sound of a low pitched instrument.

The result is an instrument with a wide bore that sounds solid in the low notes and still speaks easily in the high notes. It is more suitable to play early music at high pitch than true modern repertoire.