Baroque alto after Denner

415 or 440 Hz
€1800 incl. VAT

This alto is based on the famous instrument by Jacob Denner in Copenhagen. It is probably the most copied alto by modern makers. Not only because it is conveniently close to 415 Hz, but also because it’s a beautifully designed recorder, both outward and inward.

Everything about this instrument suggests that Jacob Denner wanted to make a high performance instrument. The outside looks almost aerodynamic, with elegant turning, a slender foot and thin long beak. The bore is much narrower than English instruments with a lot of taper towards the bottom. This makes the air fast and the sound and articulation very agile. It just wants to take off and go.

It has been suggested that this is the instrument Telemann had in mind for his recorder concertos and this thought is certainly credible. The composer and maker seem to fit together.

The Denner alto also works really well scaled to 440 Hz. The same sound characteristics apply to this version. Good for both baroque music and modern repertoire.