Baroque alto after Stanesby sr.

392 or 403 Hz
€1800 incl. VAT

Another instrument from the Brüggen collection, and maybe the most beautiful in my personal opinion, is an alto by Thomas Stanesby senior. It has no ivory ornaments, but is made of beautifully flamed boxwood. It has a wide bore consistent with all English instruments. This gives it a really deep rich sound. I was able to make it at 415 Hz without much alterations, except shortening it.

The Stanesby alto is really worth making at its original pitch around 403 Hz. Or just a little bit lower at 400 Hz, a pitch that seems to be more and more preferred by baroque flute players, since most originals hover around that pitch. At these historical pitches, single holes and historical fingering seem most natural.

I also make a scaled version at 392 Hz. This pitch is not only preferred for French baroque music anymore, but for a wider range of baroque chamber music. It gives an extra sonority to Bach, Händel or even Telemann. The Stanesby with its wide bore works great as an all purpose 392 Hz alto. This version and the 415 Hz version I make with double holes and modern fingering.