Renaissance tenor

415, 440 or 466 Hz
€1600 incl. VAT, extra body €600

I designed this tenor to play solo repertoire from the Renaissance and Early Baroque period. It’s based on an original tenor by the Bassano family, SAM 150 from the Vienna collection.

I scaled the whole instrument to play at 415 and 440 Hz. Especially the 415 Hz version is quite demanding on the player, both in the amount of air it takes and the hand span. But the sound is particularly deep and warm, almost bass like.

The advantage of a tenor is that it plays in the right register and not an octave higher, like a soprano. Therefore it mixes better with for example a violin or cornetto. It also works good as a consort instrument, especially in a broken consort.

The tenor is available at pitches 415, 440 and 466 Hz. Two bodies are possible with one head.